2001: A Space Odyssey Party Vignettes

Roles: Concept, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist

Two promotional videos for a Stanley Kubrick themed party focused on the epic 2001: A Space Odyssey. The first, using footage from the film, we spliced in original footage of a ballet dancer in a dark room with a projector as the only light source, using clips from the film as the source in the projection. Originally we planned to simply film her with the images projecting onto her, but we found that rearranging the project behind the dancer facing the camera yielded some fantastic practical effects. For the second, the same film footage spliced with original footage was again used, this time focusing on the A.I. character “HAL” from the film. The HAL 9000 featured in the original footage is that of a custom photobooth created for the TIFF celebration of Kubrick, the photobooth was on display for use throughout TIFF in downtown Toronto. Created for Young Lions Music Club & Young Offenders